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Cleaning Services

Alice Springs Cleaning Service can help you keep your business looking its best with our commercial cleans. Clean offices and commercial premises are important for good presentation and the morale of those in the working environment. Alice Springs Cleaning Service can care for all of your needs in this area. Whatever your requirements, we will provide professional and affordable service to meet those needs for you. Simply call Andrew on 0437 013 350.

Our team of professional cleaners understand that different businesses have varying needs and we work to accommodate those needs efficiently.

If you want your business to create the best impression, speak with Alice Springs Cleaning Service.

Shopping Centre Cleaning

From small complexes to major shopping centres, Alice Springs Cleaning Service can cater to a range of commercial cleaning needs. Our team can provide full cleaning and food courts service, as well as washroom service.

In addition to our cleaning services, Alice Springs Cleaning Service also fulfils the security needs required for commercial centres.
Shopping Centre Cleaning — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT

Office Cleaning

Alice Springs Cleanings Service offers office cleaning for all types of clients, from small business to large corporate offices. Our team understand that presentation is a key factor when it comes to your office, not only for your staff, but especially for your clients.

Our office cleaning tasks include rubbish removal, window cleaning, vacuuming, hard floor polishing and washroom services.
Office Cleaning — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT

Stripping & Polishing Of Hard Floors

To keep your hard surface flooring looking its best and your investment lasting longer, call Alice Springs Cleaning Service to handle your maintenance. We have specialty equipment, including motorised hard floor stripping machines, to clean even the dirtiest of floors.

Our stripping and polishing machines are easy to manoeuvre, which allows us to get into tight corners and ensure an even finish is obtained throughout each room.
Polishing — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT

High Pressure Cleaning

Alice Springs Cleaning Service can revive the appearance of surfaces around your home, pool and outdoor area, office or shop with our high-pressure cleaning equipment. We can remove built-up grime or moss from walkways, paths and driveways, including tiled, paved or concrete surfaces.

Our high-pressure cleaning service also extends to awnings, factory floors, the outside of buildings and roofs.
High Pressure Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window Wiping — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT
The build-up of dust on your windows can quickly make your property appear older than it really is. With the expert window cleaning services of our Alice Springs window cleaners, your glass will be crystal-clear again.

You can rely on us to efficiently remove layers of dust and grime from your windows. We use specialised equipment to achieve professional cleaning results and ensure all safety measures are put in place before beginning. Improve your view with the help of our window cleaning experts.

Alice Springs Cleaning Service

In addition to shopping centres and offices, our commercial cleaners can service hotels, motels and shops. If you have a commercial premises that requires cleaning, either on a one-off or regular basis, please get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss how we can meet your cleaning needs.
Hardwood Cleaning — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT