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affordable carpet cleaning in alice springs

Many things contribute to the appearance of your carpet. Consider the number of shoes and feet that walk over it on a daily basis, tracking in dirt and debris. Then add to this equation hair, airborne dust and spills. Now you have a clearer picture of the treatment your carpet receives.

Enter the skilled technicians of Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning. We have specialised equipment to bring your upholstery and carpet back to more sanitary and aesthetically pleasing conditions. And the best part is, you won't be waiting hours for your carpet to dry. It can be walked on almost immediately after we finish. Just call Mark on 0408 771 874.

Carpet Cleaning

Whether it is your home, office or commercial property that requires professional carpet cleaning, the team at Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning can get the job done. We have two truck mounted carpet steam cleaning vans that can be dispatched to your location at short notice.

To remove stains, pet hair and dirt from all types of carpet, we use our RX20 rotary carpet cleaning machines that deliver STEAM right to the fibres of your carpet. These suit both domestic and commercial requirements and, when combined with our antimicrobial cleaning agents, have been proven to meet the highest standards in carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning ensures your carpet dries quickly, so there are no musty smells to contend with.

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Carpet Cleaning — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT

Carpet Protection

If your carpet is subject to large volumes of traffic, or you have young children or pets in the home, it makes sense to protect the fibres of your carpet from stains. A quality carpet protection product, like the protectant applied by Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning, can help keep your carpet looking and feeling fresh for longer. Carpet protection will also increase the time between cleans.

Carpet protection products seal the fibres and help prevent liquids and dirt from becoming trapped. A simple way of maintaining that just-cleaned appearance for your carpet is requesting carpet protection from Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning.
Carpet Protection — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT

Upholstery Cleaning & Fabric Protection

In addition to our comprehensive carpet cleaning work, our team can thoroughly clean all upholstered surfaces in your home or office.

Lounge suites, chairs and mattresses can all benefit from the upholstery cleaning service provided by Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning. Remove stains and refresh the fibres of your upholstery with our specialised steam cleaning equipment. Our cleaners can also apply fabric protection to stop liquid spills from staining your fabrics.
Upholstery — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT

Carpet Restoration

A burst pipe or water leak can transform your carpet from a soft and fluffy surface to a soggy, smelly mess. Lucky for you, in the event that this happens, you can contact Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning. Our team have many years of experience tending to carpet restoration projects.

Using a specialised water extraction tool, called a Water Claw, our carpet cleaners efficiently draw out the excess water and thoroughly aerate your carpet. This procedure is essential for your carpet to dry out, otherwise mould can begin to grow under the surface.
Carpet Restoration — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT

Specialised Equipment

Comprised of five vacuum heads and three spray jets, which rotate at 130rpm, our RX20 rotary carpet cleaning machines can deliver 650 complete cleaning passes per minute. This allows us to thoroughly clean even the dirtiest of carpets promptly and professionally.

The RX20 rotary extractor tool has earned the gold seal of approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute. This means our specialised equipment meets the highest standards for effective and safe carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning vans are also fully equipped to deal with a range of stains and soiling on your floor.

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Vacuum — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Does your bathroom have dark spots that no amount of scrubbing will get rid of? Then call for the expert team at Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning. We can make your tiles gleam again and restore your grout to near-new condition.

Let us remove the dirt, grease and calcium build up for you and make your tiles like new again.
Tile & Grout — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT