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carpet cleaning service in Alice Springs

Aardvark — Cleaning in Alice Spring, NT
Nothing affects the appearance and value of your home or office faster than a soiled carpet, call Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning today on 0408 771 874.

Like our mascot, the AARDVARK, we get down deep to remove all the dirt.

Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning can get your carpet looking like new again, removing dust, hair and other pollutants that are trapped deep within the fibres.

Utilising state-of-the-art equipment, our experienced cleaners can also restore water-damaged carpets. Don't let mould spores become a health issue for your family or colleagues - tend to wet carpets quickly with the help of Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning.



Our expertise doesn't end at carpet cleaning. The other division of our company called Alice Springs Cleaning Service, offers general cleaning work, including shopping centre cleaning, high-pressure cleaning for commercial or domestic properties and much more. For quality cleaning at a competitive rate, get in touch with us today and we will take good care of you.
When you have your carpets cleaned by Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning, you can expect the highest standards of workmanship at an affordable price for both commercial and domestic.
From lounge suites to chairs and mattresses, Alice Springs Carpet Cleaning can remove stains with gentle steam cleaning methods. We use 99.9% allergy-free solutions.
Using quality steam cleaners and anti-microbial cleaning agents, we can efficiently remove stains and mould from your tiles and grout. Leave it to us to get your tiles and grout looking like new again.
Here is where the other division of our company, Alice Springs Cleaning Service can provide all your commercial cleaning needs, including shopping centres, supermarkets, offices, window and general cleaning services, as well as floor polishing and restoration for small or large areas.